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Ken Harwood
Advocating for Wisconsin
Editor [at]  KenHarwood.com


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Foxconn is proving it is committed to stewardship of the Wisconsin environment

Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou spoke about how an order from a Midwest company 44 years ago helped start his company. 

Foxconn is one of the best things to happen to Wisconsin’s economy since statehood 170 years ago. The Taiwan-based company plans to build a state-of-the art manufacturing facility in southeastern Wisconsin, and in the process, create a high technology “Wisconn Valley” ecosystem. That new ecosystem will benefit every corner of the state and is literally the envy of the numerous states that unsuccessfully competed for the project.


Ken Notes: As I have suggested it is time we stopped complaining and instead seek a seat at the table to work with Foxconn. We also need to keep track of what they are saying and hold them to it..

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Study explores connections between land management, water quality, and human response in lake catchments

As many of us prepare to travel to lakes and other bodies of water this summer for relaxation and recreation, now is the perfect time to consider what we can do to help protect the lakes we love.

Scientists have long studied the ecological impact of humans on lakes, but a new study led by researchers at Virginia Tech explores how those ecological impacts can cycle back to affect humans. The study, published in the journal Ecosphere, offers a new model for those invested in protecting and maintaining lakes.

“Lakes provide so much in terms of drinking water, recreation, aesthetic value, and more,” said Kelly Cobourn, assistant professor of water resource policy in Virginia Tech’s College of Natural Resources and Environment, and project lead. “People derive a lot of value from connecting with lakes. We also understand that humans degrade the quality of lakes with some of the choices they make...    ...more

Ken Notes: I would suggest we need to step back and look at this from a larger perspective. We are quick to point fingers and assign blame, but we often fail to adopt a team approach to real workable solutions. We need to focus on restoration, recreation, and prevention moving forward. And, we need to do this with farmers, businesses, and communities at the table.

The Madison lakes could be a perfect classroom on how to get this done, I would suggest the twin cities did a nice job...

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Wisconsin affiliate of the U.S. Green Building Council

Wisconsin Green Building Search


WGBA has combined forces with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and together we will pilot a new model for USGBC chapters and local market engagement...

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EPA Head Scott Pruitt Has Resigned, Trump Tweets

Scott Pruitt, the scandal-ridden head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, resigned Thursday after facing months of pressure over questions about his travel spending, security costs, influence from industry lobbyists and a host of other management decisions.

President Donald Trump broke the news Thursday afternoon on Twitter:

“I have accepted the resignation of Scott Pruitt as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency,” Trump wrote. “Within the Agency Scott has done an outstanding job, and I will always be thankful to him for this. The Senate confirmed Deputy at EPA, Andrew Wheeler, will … on Monday assume duties as the acting Administrator of the EPA. I have no doubt that Andy will continue on with our great and lasting EPA agenda. We have made tremendous progress and the future of the EPA is very bright!”


Ken Notes: Couldn`t we talk to Paul Ryan and other key republicans and ask for some help getting someone who actually understands the issues above and beyond politics.

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Minnesota Judge Recommends Denying Approval For Superior Power Plant
Proposed $700M Natural Gas Plant Would Generate Up To 550 Megawatts

A Minnesota judge isn’t recommending approval of a roughly $700 million natural gas plant in Superior.

Minnesota Power and La Crosse-based Dairyland Power Cooperative want to build the Nemadji Trail Energy Center in Superior, which would provide up to 550 megawatts of power. They say the new plant would provide power when they aren`t able to draw from renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

The project is making its way through the state of Minnesota`s permitting process. However, Minnesota Administrative Law Judge Jeanne Cochran recommended the state`s Public Utilities Commission deny project approvals because Minnesota Power failed to demonstrate the plant is "needed and reasonable."...


Ken Notes: Can someone send me a per megawatt compassion of carbon emissions between coal and natural gas. I have to believe that gas is better and would be an key component in co-gen for solar and wind...

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Best College Reviews Names 15 Best Master`s in Environmental Engineering Online

SPRING CITY, Pa., July 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Best College Reviews has named the 15 best master`s in environmental engineering online programs for 2018. The article was published on the organization`s website in April.

4. University of Wisconsin-Madison - Madison, WI


Ken Notes: congrats while not engineering, I would add UWSP to this list...

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Miron Construction

Miron Construction News Search

Miron specializes in providing innovative pre-construction, construction management, design-build, general construction and industrial services.

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Protecting our most precious resources

Edgewood prof makes a compelling case for public lands

One remarkable thing about Steven Davis’ new book, In Defense of Public Lands, is the photographs. There are 12 of them, including the cover, all taken by the author. They depict places of great natural beauty throughout the United States: the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan, Zion National Park in Utah, Coconino National Forest in Arizona, White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, and even Owen Conservation Park, on Madison’s west side.

The photographs powerfully remind the reader what is at stake — the future of the idea, now under unprecedented attack, that our nation benefits from having places owned in common for the public good, as opposed to being parceled off for private profit or relinquished to the states...


Ken Notes: I have to agree, if we could monetize our public lands through tourism and other public uses, we could reduce the more environmentally harmful uses like mining, sand, and CAFO`s. If the land is just sitting there... Also this is a strong case for land trusts and public ownership...

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What’s in the Water?
A Wisconsin farming community is working to flush its well-water woes.

Erika Balza does not drink the water out of her tap. Despite having a new well installed that came with a price tag of more than $13,000, she doesn`t trust it.

"We`ve just written it off," says Balza, a 47-year-old former paralegal and title insurance agent. "I did say after the new well was installed that old habits die hard, that you don`t drink the water. But in the back of your mind you just re-question if it`s really safe, at any time."

Part of the reason: One evening in October 2016, as Balza and her husband were getting ready for bed, they turned on the faucets. Out came dark brown water that smelled like manure.

"I mean, that`s just disgusting," Balza says...


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Solar energy for the home, small businesses presented

Property owners throughout Jefferson County are being encouraged to participate in Glacial Heritage Solar, a group purchasing program to leverage buying power and secure discounts for solar panels.

A free informational program on Solar Power Hours was presented at the Karl Junginger Memorial Library June 25. Peter Murphy, solar program manager for the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA), addressed about a dozen people on converting homes and businesses to solar power.

Murphy discussed the basics of solar power, its financial implications for a household or small business and how the program works....


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What`s the future for the Midwest in a post-mandate world?

An energy policy wave swept across the Midwest a decade ago as seven states adopted laws from 2006 to 2009 requiring utilities to add increasing amounts of wind and solar energy.

The aim of the clean energy mandates was clear — to slash greenhouse gases and other power plant emissions and generate new jobs and investment.

A decade later, most utilities in states with renewable portfolio standards are either meeting or on track to meet the targets. And some of them, like Minnesota-based Xcel Energy Inc., are announcing plans to blow past clean energy goals, often literally, by adding hundreds of megawatts of new wind capacity....


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SCS Engineers

SCS Engineers Search

SCS - At the forefront of sustainable environmental solutions for over 40 years

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Leopold Conservation Award program seeks Wisconsin nominees

MADISON – Know a Wisconsin farmer, rancher or forester who goes above and beyond in the care and management of natural resources?

Nominate them for the 2018 Wisconsin Leopold Conservation Award®.

Sand County Foundation, the nation’s leading voice for private land conservation, presents the Leopold Conservation Award to private landowners in 14 states for extraordinary achievement in voluntary conservation...


Ken Notes: Mention your favorite newsletter when you contact them...

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New tools connect Wisconsinites to healthy communities

Any Wisconsin resident can now consult an online tool to learn exactly what his or her local community is doing to improve health.

The University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute has updated and improved its online tool to help communities, organizations and individuals easily assess and share health-related work in their local communities.



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Environmental Law – Clean Air Act
This case concerns just shy of 13 acres of wetlands, which lie in a south?suburban plot of land called the Warmke parcel.   ...more

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Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council

WI Sustainable Business Council Search


The WI Sustainable Business Council is a network of Wisconsin businesses and organizations that are interested in, or actively responding to, the challenge of sustainability.

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`Climate Change` Has Been Scrubbed From More Government Documents

The Department of the Treasury removed mentions of "climate change" from an unpublished sustainability report it prepared for 2017, E&E News reports. Meanwhile, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health—which researches risks to workers` health—has removed "climate change" from certain webpages, according to work from the Environmental Governance and Data Initiative, an advocacy group that tracks government websites...


Ken Notes: Don`t get mad, do something. Start talking about the immediate effect of carbon and source point pollution on health and our waterways. Talk about the new cost benefits of solar and wind. Talk about the value of demonstrating to the rest of the world the value of our natural resources. Ask China and India to invest in their future...

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Wildlife Expert: Canadian Geese Culling A Necessary Practice
Practice Has Been Controversial Since It Was Introduced In 1999

Earlier this summer, Madison began its annual practice of culling — selectively reducing the population — Canadian geese to fight overpopulation, and it’s far from the only community to do so. 

About 30 to 40 communities around the state participate each year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Last year, over 2,500 Canadian geese were culled in Wisconsin, according to state records. In 2016, the population stood at over 129,000, compared to just over 11,000 in 1986.

The practice has been controversial since it started on a national scale in 1999...


Ken Notes: I have two Australian Cattle Dogs that will keep them off your lawn. And on a serious note when a Neenah Mayor in the past we did have an owner who we let run his dogs in our parks prior to 8 am and it dramatically reduced the population. Menasha was not happy because that is where they went!!!

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Great Lakes restoration needs our help this week

As News Tribune editorials have been pointing out for nearly a decade, the federal Great Lakes Restoration Initiative works. And deserves — no, needs — to continue to be allowed to do good.

The initiative has been powering Great Lakes cleanup efforts since the presidency of George W. Bush. With adequate and appropriate funding under President Barack Obama, the initiative has removed mercury and other contaminants from river bottoms and lake bottoms; has made water swimmable, fishable, and even drinkable again; and otherwise has turned environmental disasters into cleanup successes. In Duluth, along the St. Louis River, the initiative has been responsible for the restoration of wild rice beds, sturgeon spawning grounds, and the habitats of piping plover and other nesting birds, among other projects...


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Glenview Park District Joins Calls For Environmental Impact Study on New Rail coridoor
Glenview Park District commissioners joined a host of other local governments and entities last week calling for a full environmental impact study on a new railroad track for freight trains proposed as part of plans to expand Amtrak Hiawatha service between Chicago and Milwaukee...   ...more

Ken Notes: The trouble with these studies is that they fail to take into account that the product will move regardless, so lets look a trucks vs. trains as well. Also we have to mandate that taking land must result in an equal addition to public lands set aside for recreational and environmental uses.

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City, county launch watershed planning effort

Superior and Douglas County are joining forces to develop a watershed plan that could lead to federal funding for environmental projects.

The plan, expected to take about a year to develop, will focus on the Environmental Protection Agency’s nine elements for the Nemadji, Black, Pokegama and St. Louis River watersheds in Wisconsin. It will develop an analytic framework for managing efforts to improve water quality and protect overall watershed health.

“Overall, what we’re trying to do is move toward a more quantitative end of things,” said Sue O’Halleran, a consultant working with the Douglas County Land Conservation Office. “We’ve been doing outreach and education, and big picture, but in order to be eligible for federal grants as well as others, we have to be a little more quantitative.”...


Ken Notes: I would love to see a statewide effort in this area addressing farm runoff, deep wells, manufacturing, and our watersheds.

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Trump Administration Threatens US Environmental Security

By undermining the National Sea Grant College Program, president is hamstringing America’s ability to address long-term climate risks

Numerous articles have been written about how the Trump administration has been undermining federal regulatory agencies and their ability to ensure that Americans have access to clean water, air, healthy oceans, and productive soils. Less has been written on the administration’s goal to eliminate or undermine dozens of non-regulatory agencies like the National Sea Grant College Program (Sea Grant), which conducts important research on ocean, marine, and coastal issues, and provides jobs and economic benefits for Americans...

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Milwaukee Co-Op to Sell `Ugly` Produce to Fight Food Waste

A San Francisco-based company`s partnership with Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative in Milwaukee will offer residents in the area access to ugly produce at a discount compared to the more visually appealing fruits and vegetables...

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Is beauty in the eye of the beholder when it comes to produce? For "ugly" produce advocates, the answer is yes.

"There`s nothing wrong with it, it just looks different and, you know, I think historically this stuff has kind of been marginalized because stores think people won`t buy it," said Reilly Brock, content manager for Imperfect Produce, a company that sources imperfect produce from farms for home delivery...


Ken Notes: This Ugly product is also great for those preparing food for others...

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RiverFest starts July 17

RiverFest: A Party with a Purpose will be held July 17-22 to celebrate the St. Croix River and to encourage people to get out and enjoy the river while recognizing the need to preserve and protect the river.

This six-day community event is made possible through the collaboration of many partner organizations and individuals who unite to provide a wide assortment of activities to appeal people of all ages and different levels of interest....


Ken Notes: I wonder how many people in Wisconsin know just how cool the St. Croix watershed really is...

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Wisconsin and National Links for GREEN Resources
We try to include links to help you consider your GREEN economic development options in Wisconsin. Businesses feel free to send us your information here.   ...more

Ken Notes: Feel free to include this link and logo on your website. Our Tools and Resources are always a click away. Also a new easy to use address:


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“Seventh Generation Earth Ethics” is extremely relevant today

In her seminal work “Seventh Generation Earth Ethics: Native Voices of Wisconsin,” scholar and Bad River Ojibwe member, Patty Loew uncovers generations of hidden knowledge about preserving and caring for Mother Earth.

In “Seventh Generation Earth Ethics” Loew profiles thirteen indigenous environmental protectors who have spent their lives gathering and passing on Earth knowledge and taking activist stands against corporate exploitation of the land...


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DNR finds excess sediment in Upper Fox and Wolf River basins

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency set out in 2013 to study phosphorous and sediment levels in the Upper Fox and Wolf River Basins.

The basins reach 18 counties.

The DNR and the EPA identified the broad sources of sediment runoff and discharge as cities, rural areas, septic systems, and industry.

The DNR says it`s leading to concerning levels of phosphorous and sediment in the waters

"It contributes to the algae bloom that we`re seeing which drives down oxygen and depletes habitat, etc," said Keith Marquardt, DNR Water Resource Specialist.

The findings could potentially lead to regulations for waters like Lake Winnebago. That helped attract a large crowd to Wednesday`s meeting..


Ken Notes: Did I mention the need for a statewide effort...

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Climate change and health: A special issue in PLOS Medicine

This week, we see the first papers in PLOS Medicine`s Special Issue on Climate Change and Health being published, advised by Guest Editors Jonathan Patz, the Director of the Global Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the John P. Holton Chair in Health and the Environment with appointments in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and the Department of Population Health Sciences, USA and Madeleine Thomson, a Senior Research Scientist at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) and Senior Scholar at the Mailman School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Columbia University, New York, USA...


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