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The meandering Pecatonica River is at the heart of the Eastern Lafayette County community of Argyle. Its banks welcomed the first settlers as early as 1835. Soil conditions proved more favorable on the East Bank, and it is there the Village sprang up. By 1856, Argyle bustled with many of the businesses of the day, including a hotel, blacksmith, sawmill, and gristmill. One of the original stone buildings still stands today, known to locals as the “Wenger Building”. With a nod to days past, it now houses a natural fiber mill and boasts a color mural on the exterior west wall commemorating Argyle’s Sesquicentennial and the settlers that made it possible.

Today the river offers myriad fishing and boating opportunities, including a community boat landing with picnic facility and a handicapped fishing area. Anglers are often spotted fishing from the bridge and along its banks, and canoe trips are a favorite summer activity. Considered the Gateway to Yellowstone Lake, the largest body of water in Southwestern Wisconsin, Argyle is located only eight scenic miles from Yellowstone Lake State Park and the 450-acre manmade lake. The Argyle area with its rural beauty has become very popular for biking, with rallies frequently passing through the scenic countryside.

For landlubbers, Argyle offers many points of interest. Beautiful Legion Park, home to an F-86H Saberjet, includes tennis and volleyball courts, baseball and softball fields, a playground, and shelter house facilities. Commonly referred to as the Community Building or Village Hall, Waddington Hall was constructed in 1924. Today it houses the Argyle Public Library, Police Department, and Village Clerk. A large second floor assembly room is available by reservation for gatherings and celebrations. Also available for social get-togethers is historic Partridge Hall. Built in 1878, two of its many manifestations include a furniture store and movie theatre, the latter once frequented by silent film star Mary Pickford during a movie promotional tour. Today it is home to a restaurant, restored auditorium and stage, and two rental rooms. Restoration continues on the boyhood home of “Fighting” Bob Lafollette, a native of Argyle whose home is currently owned and operated by Historic Argyle, Inc. Moved from its original location in 1910 to accommodate the construction of the LA Rossing store, another Argyle architectural treasure, it was again moved in 2002 to its current location on State Street. An Argyle resident during the years 1862-1870, Lafollette went on to become a well-known political activist and was elected Wisconsin Governor in 1900 and to the Wisconsin State Senate in 1904. Plans for maintaining his home and commemorating this rich cultural history are progressing by the members of Historic Argyle.

For entertainment and enjoyment, Argyle residents and visitors can visit local pubs and restaurants, a jewelry and fine gifts store, a large crafts, arts and collectables store, and two beauty shops. The Village also is home to a grocery store, lumber yard, two banks, laundromat, and 24-hour gas station. Medical services include a dentist, physician’s office, and a local veterinary clinic.

Argyle’s residents are proud of the history and beauty of the Village they call home. Active local service and community organizations, including the Lions, VFW, Women’s Club, and various church groups, are deeply committed to its preservation and well-being. Argyle maintains its own EMS, Police and Fire Department, all working together to protect and serve the community that was founded on a river bank over 150 years ago.

For more information about Argyle, visit our website at www.argylewi.org or contact the Village Office by calling (608) 543-3113.

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