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Amy Gannon, advocate for women entrepreneurs and equality in Wisconsin, leaves lasting legacy

Amy Gannon was a substantial proponent of diversity, equality, inclusion, education and the advancement of women.

Gannon`s career included working in domestic violence programs and leadership roles at Edgewood College in Madison, along with nonprofits that support women entrepreneurs.


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Bright Ideas 2020: Hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense

Bright Ideas are back! Leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and people who are doing interesting things share their bright ideas for 2020 with the Cap Times.

Madison is not a perfect place, but it’s close. With the fastest growing economy in Wisconsin, there is so much here to offer and all the opportunities that we have available are multiplying every day.

I was adopted by this community in 2011 when I enrolled at UW-Madison for graduate school. I was born with a severe physical disability, and I chose the rehabilitation psychology master’s program at UW to become better equipped to assist people with disabilities in reaching their employment goals...


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2020 vision... Madison’s arts leaders share dreams for a vibrant city


...Lisa Thurrell, co-artistic director, Kanopy Dance: People talk about traditional and non-traditional a lot. We need to look at what is exclusionary or biased…and how to be more inclusive. We need to become better listeners, really responding to Kanopy team supporters, the community, our colleagues and our friends...

Editors Note: This article is primarily on arts in the Madison area, but I would point out that diversity and inclusion in the arts (theatre, media, dance, music, and visual) often far outpaces the efforts made in communities, homes, and schools. Just an observation...

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Conference Co-Chairs Selected...

Conference Co-Chairs:

May Yer Thao
Assistant Deputy Director Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development
Authority (WHEDA)
Jessica Cavazos
President and CEO
Latino Chamber of Commerce
Rich Poirier
President and CEO
Church Mutual
George Koonce
Senior VP
Marian University


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Astronaut Mae Jemison to speak at UW–Madison for Martin Luther King Jr. event

Trailblazing astronaut Dr. Mae C. Jemison, the first woman of color in space, will present the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Lecture Jan. 21 at the University of Wisconsin­­–Madison.

A physician and engineer, Jemison has been inducted into both the National Women’s Hall of Fame and the International Space Hall of Fame. She is the founder and president of two medical technology companies and the leader of 100 Year Starship, a Pentagon-funded effort to ensure human interstellar space travel to another star within the next century...


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Update: UW-Madison responses to homecoming video
Editor’s Note: Information related to the fall student Homecoming video is being reposted following national media coverage which did not fully document the university’s response to the issue.

To our campus and alumni communities,

We often speak about making UW–Madison a place where people of all identities and backgrounds feel valued, welcome and safe. On Sunday, something happened that made many students and alumni of color and their allies question our commitment: The student Homecoming Committee released a video that did not properly represent Black students and other students of color as essential members of our campus community.

We stand with our students of color and hear their voices with a clear commitment to action, not only about the video, but their broader experiences of exclusion on campus. While we have a number of efforts underway aimed at improving campus climate, this incident presents an important opportunity to reaffirm our commitments to bring about meaningful change...

T1W Note: What a great conversation to have. Please do not hesitate to discuss inclusion and diversity now, rather than wait for a mistake to mandate the conversation.

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Performers seek to inspire interest in arts at Kromrey Middle School

MIDDLETON — Kobby Brewoo, a hip-hop artist who was brought in to inspire middle-school students in the Middleton-Cross Plains School District, was still having an impact after his performance ended.

As Brewoo sat in the Kromrey Middle School cafeteria, sixth-grader Nathaniel Bergeson came up and asked for his autograph. Then, as students sat around Brewoo to eat lunch, they wanted to know how he was able to do the moonwalk, which he had wowed them with earlier.

Brewoo, whose full name is Papa-Kobina Ntsefo Brewoo, moved to Madison from Accra, Ghana. He was one of three performers of color who gave a presentation to students at Kromrey and Glacial Creek Middle School last month, shortly before winter break.

The presentation was the first of its kind sponsored by the MCPASD Education Foundation as part of its equity and inclusion in the arts initiative. It was funded by a grant from CUNA Mutual Group...


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Rose Parade celebrates diversity with Rita Moreno, Los Lobos and Maria from ‘Sesame Street’
Who could blame Sandra Brockman for strutting through the crowd at the Rose Parade in a pair of red shorts?

With temperatures in the high 50s, Southern Californians wearing hoodies and stocking caps shivered around her. But Brockman, 60, basked in the sunlight. She had come to the 131st annual Rose Parade from blustery central Wisconsin with her 85-year-old aunt, Helen Haydock, whose hometown of Wisconsin Rapids declared a snow emergency this week...


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Wisconsin Warriors powerchair soccer team looks to shatter stereotypes, competition

The smell of rubber filled the Prairie Elementary gymnasium as Tyler Engel and the rest of the Wisconsin Warriors powerchair soccer team geared up for their upcoming mid-January tournament. They spin and slam into balls (and occasionally, each other) while running plays, practicing drills and naturally, talking a bit of trash. ..

...The Wisconsin Warriors will host several teams from around the midwest at their next tournament, the Spin Kick Classic, on January 18 at Token Springs Elementary in Sun Prairie.


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About This The Conference

About the Inclusivity Conference

The 2020 Toward One Wisconsin Conference will bring together citizens and organizations from multiple sectors across Wisconsin to build communities of equity and opportunity.


We expect a diverse attendance including but not limited to representatives from birth-K-12, higher education, academia, business and industry, state and local workforce development, youth programs, health professions, vocational rehabilitation, chambers of commerce, non-profit organizations, government, community and neighborhood associations, and faith-based groups.


  • Continue the discussion around making our communities more inclusive
  • Learn what is working
  • Discover what is promising on the horizon
  • Present best practices
  • Provide networking opportunities


  • Build greater awareness on the intersection between inclusion and economic, social and emotional health of communities, workforce, youth, and under-served populations in Wisconsin.

  • Produce a comprehensive strategic report with performance measures and actionable recommendations around each Track for state and local governments, businesses, communities, educational institutions, health systems, and non-profit organizations.


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