Project Notes for Zerology / Trolley
11/11/2019 Met with Shree Kalluri discussed the idea for a Terrace at Memorial Union UW to the Monona Terrace Convention Center on street electric Trolley System.

Mentioned using Hometown Trolleys made in Crandon Wisconsin. I have talked with Kristina and she would love to talk and encourages us to visit the manufacturing facility in Crandon Wisconsin and we can see a working fleet of electric vehicles in -----.
Contact / Owner: Kristina Pence-Dunow
715-301-0149 ext. 1006

Suggested Green Cab of Madison could administer project.

Shree also brought up need for working with MGE for charging cars. Solar? Rates?
I mentioned Tyler Huebner of RENEW Wisconsin as a resource.

Tyler Huebner
Executive Director
RENEW Wisconsin
608-255-4044, ext. 1
email Tyler

I mentioned Isthmus Engineering`s need for lease/rental vehicle.

Zach Brandon

Shree Kalluri
Tyler Huebner Renew
Hometown Trolley

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