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Viking Masek Builds U.S. Operations & Headquarters in Oostburg, Wisconsin
Verso Corp. attributes $31M third-quarter loss to idled mills, severance costs
Hoffmaster Launches First Antimicrobial-Protected Product Line
Active negotiations lift hopes that idled Duluth paper mill may be revived
Legislative audit finds lapses with Wisconsin recycling programs
Comar Relocates to Expanded Manufacturing Facility in West Bend, Wisconsin
Appvion`s Appleton Plant Achieves 500,000 Safe Man Hours
SPL Consulting receiving FLAG’s Strategic Partner Award
Ahlstrom-Munksjö introduces FibRoc®, a new product platform of high performance solutions for durable applications
Plastic bags into parking lots—it’s possible
Cimcorp Automates Bakery Product Handling and Order Fulfillment in Kwik Trip’s La Crosse, Wisconsin
Pepsi unveils first 2-liter bottle redesign in nearly 30 years

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5PNews is a weekly newsletter and website (5PNews.com) featuring positive stories from "The Industries That Built Wisconsin". The 5P’s – Paper, Pulp, Printing, Packaging and Plastic. In addition, this includes Flexo, Converting, Recycling, Forest Management, Manufacturing Equipment Suppliers and hundreds of other supporting industries and businesses.

Our goal is to remind the decision makers and executives in Wisconsin of the importance of our industries. Wisconsin is still the Number 1 paper producer in the United States. 5PNews will be sent to 2,000 Elected Officials and Staff, Press Outlets and industry leaders each week. It is “FREE” to subscribe (Supported by Sponsors) and sent each week.

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Neenah-Menasha: Paper Video

Neenah-Menasha: Paper

The Wisconsin Central Railroad provided an abundant supply of wood to the growing Menasha Woodenware Company, but the flour industry faced declining wheat yields and steep competition from Minneapolis. Entrepreneurs found that the Fox River could provide the power and clean water needed for papermaking. The industry expanded outward, and impacted the entire region.

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Travel the State With Wisconsin Hometown Stories PBS Wisconsin

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About 5P News (5PNews.com)

Marty Ochs
Green Bay Innovation Group (GBIG)
martinpochs [at] gmail.com

Ken Harwood
Advocating for Wisconsin

Ken  [at] KenHarwood.com

5PNews is a weekly newsletter and website featuring positive stories on the industries in Wisconsin that helped build the State. Specifically Paper, Pulp, Printing, Packaging, and Plastic or the "5P`s".

Of course this also includes Flexo, Converting, Recycling, Forestry Management, manufacturing Equipment, and the hundreds of other businesses and industries in Wisconsin associated with our 5P`s. Alas that title would be long and  confusing.

Our goal is to remind the decision makers in Wisconsin of the importance of our industry both historically and more importantly into the future. 5PNews.com will be sent to 2,000 Elected Officials and staff, Press Outlets, and Industry leaders each week. It is free to subscribe (supported by the sponsors).

Some notes on 5PNews, First you may want to add Editor@WisconsinDevelopment.com to your email contacts. Second, With Wisconsin in the center of the national spotlight, it becomes more difficult  to find local articles about our industries -- bad news trumps good news (no pun intended), so if you have news to share send it to Marty at martinpochs@gmail.com. To contact me use Ken@Kenharwood.com. Finally our SUBSCRIBE link is now active.

The Publication is a joint effort of Marty Ochs with the Green Bay Innovation Group (GBIG) and Ken Harwood Editor and Publisher of Wisconsin Development News. Both Ken and Marty have been directly involved with our industries for decades.

Ken began his career with Kimberly-Clark, consulted with dozens of Fox Valley Companies and eventually became Mayor of Neenah Wisconsin before heading to Madison where he continues to advocate for Wisconsin businesses and communities. He is a journalist, cheerleader, and proponent for the companies that made Wisconsin what it is today. His other newsletters are read by 20,000+ people each week.

Ken notes, "Wisconsin can not forget the industries that built Wisconsin. We must continue to grow the businesses that we are known for while exploring new markets and innovation."

Marty Ochs founded GBIG to support Green Bay’s paper, packaging, printing, converting and support industries and has grown the effort to cover the local, state and national levels. Marty commented, "The impact and innovation of Green Bay’s paper and related industries often seems to go unrecognized, and we are going to change that."

Ochs grew up in Northeastern Wisconsin and began his career in the paper industry, so he felt determined to bring more recognition to the thriving paper field in Green Bay. With 40 years of experience in the paper and printing industries, Ochs set out to create a collaboration of Green Bay and now Wisconsin companies that would highlight and celebrate current innovation and new exciting innovations the industry is involved in.
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Wisconsin & "Paper Mills" OR Pulp OR Printing OR Packaging OR Plastic OR Flexo OR Converting OR Recycling OR "Forest Management" OR "paper Manufacturing".

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