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Work*Play*Earth Day events to be held around the state in 2018

Madison, WI Earth Day Events

Earth Day cleanups and more to do around Wisconsin this week

Work Play Earth Day

The 10 Best Places to Celebrate Earth Day in Wisconsin!

Retzer Nature Center Earth Day Event Features Grand Opening


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Jimmy the Groundhog in Government Sponsored Witness Protection; Claims International Plot to Delay Spring

SUN PRAIRIE, WI - With the continuation of winter weather in the south central Wisconsin region, Jimmy the Groundhog has been placed in protective custody due to perceived threats to his health and safety from those impatiently waiting for Spring to arrive.

Jimmy has not been made available to the public to answer questions about the seemingly never-ending winter. In light of pending weather forecasts, he has issued the following statement from his seclusion:

“Thank you for your patience as we are all dealing with this extended stretch of unreasonably cold weather. I concur that this is unusual, and contrary to my earlier prognostication to such an extent that I am cooperating with federal officials in the investigation of possible tampering with our climate.

Officials were initially led to believe that in response to unfavorable trade parameters, Canada intentionally redirected cold air at the United States. However, further investigation has found no evidence of interference from our neighbors to the north.

Officials continue to investigate other possibilities, including manipulation of world markets by the International Mittens Association, the attempted reclamation of North American habitat by Polar Bears, and the hacking of the National Weather Service by Russians.

I ask for continued cooperation and patience during these troubled times, and know that Spring will arrive soon.”

Additional information will be shared as it becomes available.

In the meantime…THINK SPRING!...


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Do environmental advocacy campaigns drive successful forest conservation?
...We ultimately reviewed 34 studies and papers, and found that the scientific evidence is fairly weak for any claims about the effectiveness of advocacy campaigns. So we also spoke with several experts in forest conservation and advocacy campaigns to supplement our understanding of some of the broader trends and to fill in some of the gaps in our knowledge...

Ken Notes: First don`t shoot me I am just the messenger. Second, I have mentioned this for seven years now. Third, rather than chaining yourself to a tree consider raising some money for a conservancy. In fact if you are mad at me right now send a huge check to a local land bank using the -- I Hate Ken hashtag.

Here is a list to choose from!

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DNR Staff Felt Pressure To Approve Wetland Fill For Frac Sand Mining Project

Emails Show Frustration Over Lack Of Information From Company And Tight Deadlines Set By DNR Administration

A two-year battle to build a frac sand plant on 16 acres or rare wetlands in Monroe County is coming to a head this spring. A judge will decide if the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources followed the law when it approved the project last year.

Staff at the DNR say they felt pressured by department administration to rush the approval of a controversial permit to fill 16 acres of high-quality wetlands in western Wisconsin that’s now being challenged in court, according to emails obtained by Wisconsin Public Radio through an open records request and interviews with former staffers.  

In 2014, Atlanta-based mining company Meteor Timber bought 50,000 acres of Wisconsin forestland and became the largest private landowner in the state. After discovering 137 million tons of frac sand on property it purchased in Jackson County, the company proposed building a mine. It also proposed building a sand-processing plant and rail loading facility on land that currently hosts a cranberry farm 14 miles away in the Town of Grant in Monroe County....


Ken Notes: This is NOT good! One thing I learned as both an elected official and and administrator is to trust your experts and let them do their jobs. I can get frustrated when the process or an outside group causes unnecessary delay. But to change the outcome or require staff to turn a blind eye is out and out wrong. We make good decisions based on good information and we have professionals to provide it.

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Programs help manufacturers increase energy efficiency and sustainability, save money

While many large corporations have launched internal programs to enhance their energy efficiencies and environmental sustainability, most smaller companies do not have the same internal resources and often miss out on the revenue-saving opportunities sustainability can provide.

However, some resources are available to help those smaller companies thrive.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Industrial Assessment Center offers manufacturers free energy, productivity and waste assessments, funded by federal grants from the Department of Energy, to determine how their operations could be made more efficient...


Ken Notes: A great idea!

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Marathon County Is First In Wisconsin To Pass Sulfide Mining Ordinance

County Leaders Concerned About Possible Gold Mine Near Eau Claire River, Scenic Eau Claire Dells

Marathon County is now the first in Wisconsin to pass an ordinance regulating sulfide mining, following the repeal of the state`s mining moratorium law.

Counties now have until July 1 to enact their own local regulations before gold and copper mining in the state becomes easier to initiate.

In two public hearings held by the Marathon County Board in March, dozens of citizens and representatives of environmental groups expressed concerns over a gold sulfide deposit in the Town of Easton near the Eau Claire River and the scenic Dells of the Eau Claire county park.

Marathon County Board Chair Kurt Gibbs said the new ordinance was drafted in response to those comments, and in response to input from mining companies, the Wisconsin Counties Association, and the Wisconsin Towns Association...


Ken Notes: I hope the counties will be able to address these issues locally, but I watch the money here and predict that the state will intervene and prevent local ordinances in conflict with state policy. I hope that I am wrong, but it is a lot of money....

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New group that`s challenging existing environmental groups on mining in Wisconsin has Republican ties

A new advocacy group, the Natural Resource Development Association, has emerged as a vocal advocate for pro-mining causes and clashed with conservationists along the way.

Little has been revealed about the group’s support.

Until now....

...The registered lobbyists for the parent company of Meteor include former Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, the brother of Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau); and veteran lobbyist Eric Petersen, whose clients include the Milwaukee Brewers, General Motors and Robert W. Baird, according to state records....


Ken Notes: I may have mentioned the money available to the mining industry, in case you were questioning my brilliance read this...

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

--- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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George Meyer`s tireless advocacy headlines Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame inductees

George Meyer, at age 70, just won’t shut up and go away.

And we’re the better for it.

Meyer has been a quiet diplomat, hunting-fishing advocate and ever-present pain in the butt for anyone trying to plunder Wisconsin’s natural resources the past 46 years. And given the political climate of this decade, he’s never been busier fighting for the values his parents instilled in him on their New Holstein dairy farm during the 1950s and early ’60s.

Meyer’s polite, persistent crusades seldom went unnoticed by his critics, supporters or employers. After all, it’s hard to miss someone who gives 240 speeches in one year, which he did during his first year as Department of Natural Resources secretary in 1993.


Ken Notes: George is a perfect example of a dedicated professional working on behalf of the state while exploring both sides of every issue. Working with him and his staff was a joy because they were a team and he was one hell of a coach. Congrats...

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Cardinal View: The time is now to address water quality in Wisconsin

Those lucky enough to stay in Madison in recent summers may have noticed a peculiar sight in Lake Mendota, our campus’s most famous natural attraction. The recreational hotbed has become susceptible to large amounts of green algae during summer months. While the sprawling algae blooms are not the result of human activity directly on the lake, the phenomenon has prevented people from enjoying Lake Mendota’s full potential. More seriously than a decrease in summer activity, though, the algae represent a health risk to both human lake-goers as well as the animals and organisms who call Mendota home...


Ken Notes: I have to agree here. We at the very least need to explore options for improving the water quality in the two lakes. The Twin cities adopted a successful programs and the issues seem similar. Maybe we should take a road trip over there and ask them what they did and how well it worked. Also thanks to The Daily Cardinal for talking about this!

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Wisconsin Republicans Disagree On Fate Of Mining Bill
Meteor Timber Wants To Build Sand-Processing Plant In Monroe County

Republican senators are disagreeing over whether a bill that would allow a Georgia mining company to destroy a rare wetlands in western Wisconsin still has a chance of passing.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald tells The Associated Press on Wednesday that the bill is "not dead," but he doesn`t know yet if there are enough votes to pass it. Republicans have an 18-14 majority...


Ken Notes: Did he mention his brother`s new job?

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Wisconsin Senate mulls special interest bill that was slipped through Assembly

Wisconsin Republicans employed unusual stealth to revive a controversial bill aimed at allowing an out-of-state mining company to destroy a swath of rare hardwood wetland.

The legislation shielding Meteor Timber of Atlanta from wetland regulations may have a better chance of reaching Gov. Scott Walker’s desk than it did last time...


Ken Notes: I`m a conservative, but one with an anti stealth bias...

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Wisconsin affiliate of the U.S. Green Building Council

Wisconsin Green Building Search


WGBA has combined forces with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and together we will pilot a new model for USGBC chapters and local market engagement...

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Foxconn executive: We are committed to environmental sustainability

The excitement within the Foxconn team is building as we prepare to break ground on our state-of-the-art display manufacturing campus in Mount Pleasant. We are working with state and local officials to obtain all the necessary permits for the project, and we will pay close attention to the public hearing held by the state Department of Natural Resources Tuesday.

We respect the public consultation process and value input into the development and operation of our new facilities. But as we lead up to that hearing, I believe there is a need to set the record straight regarding the air emissions anticipated from the project and its potential impact on ozone concentrations....


Ken Notes: I actually believe them here. We need to work with them, then trust but verify... Suggesting they have evil intent removes you from the playing field as the game goes on....

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With EPA Under Scrutiny, Will Great Lakes Get Forgotten?

The federal government has played a huge role in reviving the Great Lakes, but some in the region wonder how strong that support is these days.

For two straight years, the Trump administration proposed slashing funds for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Both times, Republicans and Democrats worked together to restore the $300 million allocation. That`s the good news.

Now the EPA, a crucial partner in keeping the Great Lakes healthy, is in turmoil...

Ken Notes: Lake Erie is sort of the bell weather of what can happen and what can be done. It was brought back to life from a river that actually started on fire to a healthy fishing, commerce, and recreational mecca by dedicated businesses, communities and professionals all working together. It is beginning to see signs of struggle again so an EPA that can guide us is imperative. Recently EPA has become more punitive and thus a guy like Pruitt can rise to the helm. We need leadership and what we have is, a we`ll just step out of the way approach. If we had a strong EPA that was respected by business as well as environmentalists we would all be better off...


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Kohl’s details environmental moves

The department store retailer has released its 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility report, which includes an update on Kohl’s environmental measures. Key highlights include:

• Electric Vehicle Charging Stations:...

• Recycling Waste:...

• Expanded Network of Wellness Centers:...

• On-Site Childcare:...

• Kohl’s Cares Hospital Partner Program:...

Kohl’s 2017 CSR report is available at Corporate.Kohls.com


Ken Notes: Thumbs up!

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Earth Week(s) Door County 2018 hosting lecture on clean water policies and practices

The Celebrate Earth Weeks 2018 activities in Door County continue next week with a solutions-based focus on clean water as part of the second segment of the Green Door Legacy Roundtable Lecture.  The president of the Northeastern Wisconsin Clean Water Action Council will present at the Sevastopol Town Hall on Monday night.  Wayne Kudick of the Earth Week Door County committee shares who the speaker will be and his message.

The Green Legacy Lecture last Monday dealt with the issue-side of searching for sustainability.  The complete schedule of remaining events for Celebrate Earth Weeks 2018 in Door County is online..


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Controversy mounts in Great Lakes states over Foxconn’s water diversion and wastewater treatment plan

The approval of a new factory just outside the Great Lakes Basin could mark the beginning of a manufacturing revitalization that relies on draining millions of gallons of water from the lakes

It’s what Wisconsin’s government hopes for — and environmentalists fear.

If given the go-ahead by Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources, electronics manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group, which is based in Taiwan, would make liquid crystal displays, more commonly known as LCDs, in a factory just outside Racine, Wisconsin...

See Also

Foxconn Plant Would Add to Air Pollution in Wisconsin...


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Miron Construction

Miron Construction News Search

Miron specializes in providing innovative pre-construction, construction management, design-build, general construction and industrial services.

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Wisconsin Sea Grant Awards $2.8M For Great Lakes Research, Outreach Projects

The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute is awarding $2.8 million to Great Lakes research and education projects. Congress recently restored $76.5 million in Sea Grant funding nationwide. The Trump administration had proposed eliminating the program.

Wisconsin Sea Grant recently announced funding for 19 research projects and 29 outreach proposals statewide for the next two years.

"The projects that are funded through 2020 should be solid because we have that funding," said Jennifer Hauxwell, assistant director of research and student engagement for Wisconsin Sea Grant...


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Wisconsin conservation community to vote on fishing, hunting and environmental issues

The 2018 Department of Natural Resources Spring Hearings and Wisconsin Conservation Congress County Meetings will be held Monday in each of the state`s 72 counties.

Commonly referred to as the "spring hearings," the meetings are held to gauge public support on fishing, hunting, conservation and environmental issues.

The gatherings are free and open to the public.

This year`s ballot features 54 questions, all of which are advisory.

Due to changes imposed in 2011 by Gov. Scott Walker and the State Legislature with the passing of Act 21, the administrative rule making process was stretched out, resulting in proposed rules changes on the spring hearings mostly in odd-numbered years...


Ken Notes: Speak up!

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We should get a say if firms can ruin our environment
The Wisconsin environmental rules have been mitigated for a foreign company. Large amounts of Lake Michigan water will be used by Foxconn. Air and water pollution will increase because environmental laws have been mitigated. Good farm land will be lost because of the Foxconn deal. Our taxes, to the tune of over $4.5 billion, have been given to a foreign company. Not to mention all the people that will be disrupted by this deal...   ...more

Ken Notes: Actually we should get a say in ensuring that they do not ruin the environment --- and we should also understand that saying no is not always the option we should take. If we sought a seat at the table to work with these companies from the onset we could actually make a difference.

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Boom time on central Wisconsin`s grasslands

RUDOLPH, Wis. — Hoarfrost hung from the trees, fence wire and prairie grass.

A school bus, pronounced by its blinking roof beacon, slowly headed west on Highway M just a few minutes before Carl Flaig could be heard to the northeast calling in his herd of 60 cows in a nearby paddock for their morning milking.

It was just past 6 a.m., the sun was rising behind us and the 10 inches of snow that fell had given Flaig`s 350-acre organic farm a February look. The single-digit temperatures made the April morning feel like deep January.

But the reason for a 3 a.m. car ride to central Wisconsin and a 5:20 a.m. hike to one of four blinds set up on Flaig`s back 40 had yet to appear.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that this is boom time on the grasslands when greater prairie chickens strut, dance, hop and flap in their annual courtship that is unique to this region of the state...


Ken Notes: Well worth it if you get to see the show... It is like a singles bar on steroids...

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Earth Day: From 1970 to 2018

The world has come a long way since the 1970s.

The changes to air quality, natural resources and water have remarkably improved over the last four decades, since the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency on Dec. 2, 1970, according to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

But, prior to the EPA establishment, a Wisconsin senator shaped the way for what we now celebrate worldwide on April 22 — Earth Day...


Ken Notes: I would love to see a return to Senator Nelson`s original intent, a bipartisan discussion about our future and working together...

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Earth Day founder`s daughter talks environment, making a difference

The message that Tia Nelson brought to Cambridge Elementary School was simple: every day is Earth Day.

Nelson, daughter of late Wisconsin senator and founder of Earth Day, Gaylord Nelson, spent the morning of March 21 at CES visiting with students, listening to the ways they are learning about and helping the environment, and imparting her own wisdom on the subject.

“This is really my favorite thing to do, come and talk to children about the importance of protecting the environment,” Nelson said...


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Do This: Eat, drink and celebrate at the Earth Day Birthday Eco Pop-up

It`s been 48 years since the nation rose up in a national effort to bring forth environmental awareness and change. Since that time, environmental consciousness has grown and countless efforts have been launched to take back our air, our water and our land.

In celebration of these accomplishments – and in support of those to come – Clean Wisconsin will host a very special Earth Day Birthday Eco Pop-up on Thursday, April 19 from 5 to 8 p.m. at The Box, 311 E. Wisconsin Ave...


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SCS Engineers

SCS Engineers Search

SCS - At the forefront of sustainable environmental solutions for over 40 years

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Big Polluters Are Big Campaign Donors

Executives with about a dozen papermakers, utilities, and other companies accused of dumping excessive pollution into Wisconsin waterways in 2016 and 2017 are also generous campaign contributors in most cases.

The companies were named in a recent Environment America Research & Policy Center report on excessive pollution by industrial facilities across the country. The report said that 29 times between January 2016 and September 2017 Wisconsin companies exceeded the amount of pollution the state allows them to release. The excessive materials that were dumped in Wisconsin waters included mercury, arsenic, copper, and chlorine...


Ken Notes: Yep, but remember half of this is about process and to be honest the process was bad. There is also an interest in working together on some issues to create balanced solutions. Then there is the let us get away with it mentality which is bad. Why environmentalists refuse to work with businesses on the first two issues bothers me, why companies consider evading solutions bothers me.

"The ability to compromise is not a diplomatic politeness toward a partner but rather taking into account and respecting your partner`s legitimate interests."

First form an opinion about this quote the click here to see who said it...

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Solar generating excitement, savings for local developers and businesses

The project will be the first of its kind in the state and has been a dream for Matt Neumann, chief executive officer of Neumann Cos., since he founded SunVest Solar Inc. in 2009 and began experimenting with the idea of a net zero home.

The hesitation was affordability, Neumann said. But what used to cost upward of $75,000 per house to add solar panels can now be done for about $12,000 to $15,000 per house.

That added cost can result in a higher mortgage payment of about $50 per month, but the savings in energy costs for the homeowners are expected to be about $100 per month, Neumann said...


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High-school students find new meaning in 1962 science-literature classic at UW program

Nine hundred students from 26 high schools in Wisconsin gathered on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus April 9 to complete an intensive study of Silent Spring, a 1962 classic of popular science literature that helped launch modern environmentalism later in the decade.

In Silent Spring, author and biologist Rachel Carson explored the health consequences of the exploding use of chemical insecticides, particularly DDT. Many credit the book for raising awareness of the impact of synthetic chemicals on the environment and human health, and setting the stage for major environmental laws such as the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Environmental Protection Agency, founded in 1970...


Ken Notes: Congrats!!!!

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Livestock farm expansion lacks permits in town of Friendship, neighbors upset

FRIENDSHIP - Residents living near a large livestock operation close to Lake Winnebago in the town of Friendship say the farm’s expansion came in under the radar, and now threatens their quality of life.

Lee Mikle is among 22 homeowners in the vicinity of Kevin Kaiser’s farm at W6111 Kinker Road, who recently signed a multi-page questionnaire demanding answers from the Friendship town board of supervisors. 

The move prompted calling of a special meeting Wednesday night to discuss concerns about runoff and possible well contamination from the 9.59-acre Kaiser property which added a large barn last autumn, to hold upward of 400 cows.

“The operation was erected without proper permits,” Milke said. “We want to know how this was allowed within 1,000 feet of the shoreline of Lake Winnebago.”...


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3 dairy farms named in environmental protection enforcement action

MADISON – Three dairy farms and one agribusiness were named in the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) enforcement results for the first quarter of 2018.

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel announced that the EPU obtained judgments in 12 state enforcement cases, totaling $226,770 in forfeitures and related surcharges, plus an additional $774,000 in projects designed to further protect public health and the environment...


Ken Notes: My question is, are we staffed adequately to work with farmers to prevent and catch the spills that do happen?? I know the answer and it is no...

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Tribal forests in Wisconsin are more diverse, sustainable

Don Waller first visited the forests managed by the Menominee Nation in the 1980s while studying the effects of deer on seedling growth. He was immediately impressed. The forests seemed more mature and healthy than those outside of the Menominee reservation in northern Wisconsin...

...Reo and Waller, a professor of botany at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, report in a recent issue of the journal Ecology and Society that the Native American-managed forests in Wisconsin host more mature stands of trees, greater diversity of plant species and more sustainable conditions than nearby nontribal forests. Many of the differences—such as the ability of tree seedlings to survive to maturity—can be traced back to the lower density of deer on the tribal lands...


Ken Notes: I am sure there are two sides to this story, but the tribes do have some amazing property. I would love to see the tribes make their lands more accessible to camping, hiking and other activities. One of my favorite campgrounds in the state is on the shores of lake Superior on tribal lands...

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Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council

WI Sustainable Business Council Search


The WI Sustainable Business Council is a network of Wisconsin businesses and organizations that are interested in, or actively responding to, the challenge of sustainability.

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County awards environmental grants

Dane County approved $17,327 in grant awards through the Dane County Environmental Council’s Community Partners and Capital Equipment programs, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced on Thursday, March 29.

“We can always accomplish more when we work together,” Parisi said. “By partnering with these communities and non-profits, we have the ability to educate and inspire others, and continue our work to improve and conserve the county’s outdoor spaces.” The grant will fund 16 environmental conservation, restoration, and education projects in the county.


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Truax Field lands F-35 fighter jets

The late-December announcement by the US Air Force that Madison’s Truax Field is the chosen home for a squadron of F-35 fighter jets (provided it clears a final study) is a huge victory for the city, politicians representing the area say. The choice of Madison out of five Air National Guard base finalists was years in the making. Jeff Wiegand, recently retired commander of the 115th Fighter Wing and executive director of the Badger Air Community Council, shared how the city got this far?—?and what’s still to come...


Ken Notes: A great chance to work together on a project, how can we make this a benefit to the community. I see camping and eco tourism for visitors, conservation land added to reduce density in areas used for training, unique housing options for added staff, and upgrades to our airport and mass transit system. Lemonade from fighter jets....

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Meet Cathy Stepp, the EPA leader now overseeing Minnesota and making environmentalists nervous

When Cathy Stepp became head of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in 2010, Gov. Scott Walker said she`d bring a "Chamber of Commerce mentality" to the job.

By the time she left the DNR late last year, critics say Stepp, a home builder by trade, left Wisconsin`s DNR "in tatters" following a tenure that included declines in environmental enforcement actions, increased fees for state parks, cuts to the agency`s science personnel and two incidents of federal authorities intervening after manure from dairy farms began to contaminate drinking water in the northeastern part of the state.


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OPINON: Stop giving dairy a pass on pollution

Last Sunday’s front-page story, "Failure, but a call for patience," cited a report about the dairy industry’s pollution of Wisconsin’s lakes, streams and groundwater.

The article included a remarkable claim by the director of the Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association: Pollution regulations are failing “not because conservationists and farmers don’t know what to do, but because society does not expect agriculture to protect the environment.” Really?...


Ken Notes: This is an education issue. New CAFO farms a cities being run using rural ordinances. Like Madison using outhouses....

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Intuit’s new green-roofed campus connects nature, public spaces

Intuit’s new Marine Way Building (MWB) in Mountain View, Calif., aims to become an antidote to the trend of building insular campuses across Silicon Valley. To achieve that goal, WRNS Studio and Clive Wilkinson Architects designed a human-centered, urban-minded workplace that connects to both nature and the public realm, reports Inhabitat.

The development comprises two new office buildings and two new parking structures as major additions to Intuit’s existing campus, originally developed in the 1980s as a suburban office park. It offers 185,400 square feet of office spaces distributed across four floors....


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USGBC Wisconsin
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The Water Council

WI Sustainable Business Council

Sustain Dane

Midwest Energy

Focus on Energy

Renew Wisconsin

Clean Wisconsin


Search News
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Land Trust

University of Wisconsin Sustainable Management

USGBC Wisconsin

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Environmental Groups Challenge Wisconsin DNR Settlement With Dairy Business Association
Several environmental groups are challenging a settlement between the state Department of Natural Resources and the Dairy Business Association over rules regarding concentrated animal feeding operations.

The dairy association sued the DNR last year, alleging that the agency didn’t follow procedures when updating the measures the operations can use to control runoff. The two groups reached a settlement in October that rescinded the changes.

Midwest Environmental Advocates, Clean Water Action Council, Milwaukee Riverkeeper, Friends of the Central Sands and Wisconsin Wildlife Federation are challenging the settlement, Wisconsin Public Radio reported. They claim the settlement undermines the DNR’s authority to strengthen regulations and loosened rules without public input.


Ken Notes: A rerun but getting a lot of traction...

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Local environmental issues focus of talk at Ripon College

In the United States, the regulation of business activities provides one approach to certain basic environmental goals that address the quality of air and water, including drinking water and the safe management of solid waste. The regulatory structure in these areas is federal, with distinct roles for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, and for state and local governments. 

Ripon alumnus David Schwarz ’65 of Washington, D.C., and attorney and Ripon College adjunct professor Steven Sorenson will outline these roles.


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Report: Minnesota, Wisconsin Rivers Among Most Endangered

A new report from an environmental advocacy group lists two rivers in Minnesota and one in Wisconsin as among the most endangered rivers in the country.

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Two rivers in Minnesota and one in Wisconsin are among the most endangered rivers in the country, according to a new report by an environmental advocacy group.

American Rivers annually publishes a list of the 10 most at-risk rivers in the U.S., Minnesota Public Radio reported . The group considers a waterway`s significance and the magnitude of the threats it faces when compiling the list...


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Trump’s EPA to roll back auto gas mileage and pollution standards

The Trump administration is expected to announce that it will roll back automobile gas mileage and pollution standards that were a pillar in the Obama administration’s plans to combat climate change.

It’s not clear whether the announcement will include a specific number, but current regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency require the fleet of new vehicles to get 36 miles per gallon in real-world driving by 2025. That’s about 10 mpg over the existing standard.

Environmental groups, who predict increased greenhouse gas emissions and more gasoline consumption if the standards are relaxed, say the announcement could come Tuesday at a Virginia car dealership. EPA spokeswoman Liz Bowman said in an email Friday that the standards are still being reviewed...


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Army Earth Day: mission, environment, community
...Over the course of the next three years, the Environmental Protection Agency was formed under the Nixon Administration, and a significate expansion of bipartisan environmental legislation was enacted. Since then, legislation such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act has afforded legal protection to, and conservation of, many of the nation`s natural resources....   ...more
br>Ken Notes: Very Interesting....

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Berlin High School environmental science teacher Patrick Arndt named 2018 Energy Educator

BERLIN - The Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program named Berlin High School`s Patrick Arndt its 2018 Energy Educator of the Year.

Arndt, an environmental science teacher, worked to bring together science and technology by using data from his electric car as a teaching tool, developing a solar wood drying kiln for the school and helping with the science club`s energy education efforts, environmental field trips and fundraisers.


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Wisconsin and National Links for GREEN Resources
We try to include links to help you consider your GREEN economic development options in Wisconsin. Businesses feel free to send us your information here.   ...more

Ken Notes: Feel free to include this link and logo on your website. Our Tools and Resources are always a click away. Also a new easy to use address:


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The saga of Lake Marion in Mazomanie appears headed toward conclusion

MAZOMANIE — Jim Craney has a panoramic view of Lake Marion from the hillside home he built in 1969.

Craney, who spent 38 years in facilities management with UW-Madison and grew up in Mazomanie, can watch the sun rise and bicyclists pedal below on Highway KP and the adjacent half-mile paved trail that opened in 2016 and connects to the village’s downtown...


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