Transparent Solar Panels can Bring Renewable Energy to any Building

As the need for renewable energy sources increases on a global scale, new solutions need to be created to allow for such growth. Despite solar panels being a major success, there are always many options to improve upon existing technology. One also has to keep in mind not everyone can use solar panels at home either. Coming up with creative ways to counter that problem could yield some remarkable breakthroughs over time.

Researchers at Michigan State University have come up with an intriguing approach. Their development of a transparent luminescent solar concentrator effectively creates a viable solution. It can be placed over a window to harvest solar energy. However, it will not affect the overall transmittance of light in the slightest. This solution seemingly offers the best of two worlds....


Ken Notes: Announced in 2015, this tech is getting closer to being ready for market. If a cost effective systems comes to market it could change the world.

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